Introduction to R programming

Referent Friedrich Leisch, Institute for Applied Statistics, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
Dauer 2 days
Abschluss Certificate of attendence

Advanced R users from all professional groups. (For introductory R courses please revisit the course list.)

  • CHF 600.- für Angehörige der UZH/ETH und assoziierter Institute
  • CHF 800.- für Alumni der UZH/ETH, Angehörige anderer Universtitäten, Einrichtungen der öffentlichen Hand und non-profit Organisationen
  • CHF 1200.- für Firmen
Personen ohne Anstellung können sich auf Anfrage zum UZH/ETH Preis anmelden.
Kurssprache English/German (depending on the composition of the participants)

Statistical data analysis has developed into a computational science over the last decades. One of the main design principles of S, the programming language implemented by R, has been to "turn ideas into software, quickly and faithfully" (John Chambers, author of S). This course will help users with some experience in using R as a data analysis environment to write their first functions to efficiently automate tasks that have to be done repeatedly, e.g., on larger data sets. This allows practitioners to use the complex tool R much more efficiently.
Topics include:

  • basic elements and data types of the programming language R
  • writing functions in R
  • programming tools: run time analysis, debugging, exception handling
  • good programming practices
  • object oriented programming with S3 and S4
  • implementation of statistical models using formulas
  • creating R packages

For all Zurich R Courses participants should bring their own laptops to the course and will be informed by email in advance which packages they need to install.

Daten June 21-22, 2018