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Zürcher R Kurse

Good Software Engineering Practice for R Packages

Dozierende Daniel Sabanes Bove, Senior Principal Data Scientist at Roche Ltd
Abschluss Confirmation of participation
Zielpublikum Experienced R users who already are familiar and fluent with writing R functions (or even Shiny apps) with at least 1 year experience in using R, and who would like to build R packages with "best practices" such as good package design, clean code, version control, documentation, tests.
  • CHF 600.- for members of UZH/ETH and associated institutes
  • CHF 800.- for alumni of UZH/ETH, members of other universities, the public sector and non-profit organizations
  • CHF 1200.- for companies
Persons without current employment can register for the UZH/ETH fee upon
Kurssprache Englisch

In this course participants will learn hands-on skills and tools to engineer reliable R packages. The workshop will be conducted in two days and will be a mix of presentations and exercises. 
Participants need to be comfortable with writing functions in R (at least 1 year experience) and use their own laptops as a prerequisite. 
Topics include: 
- R Package Syntax
- Software Engineering Workflow
- Package Quality
- Collaboration via GitHub
- Publication of R Packages
- and Considerations for Shiny Development.

For all Zurich R Courses participants should bring their own laptops to the course. Internet access will be provided, to allow installation of any required software and packages.

Daten April 18-19, 2024 Registration