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Zurich R Courses

Introduction to R graphics

Lecturer Phil Chalmers, Quantitative Methods in Psychology, York University Toronto
Duration 1 day
Certificate Certificate of attendence

Users from all professional groups who have basic knowledge in statistics and have used R before. (For introductory R courses please revisit the course list.)

  • CHF 400 for members of UZH/ETH and associated institutes
  • CHF 500 for members of other universities, federal and cantonal research facilities and agencies, non-profit organisations etc.
  • CHF 800 for companies, banks, insurance companies etc.

The R software is a popular and free statistical programming environment that contains a wide variety of cutting-edge statistical tools for applied data analysis. One of R's most prominent features is its flexibility in generating seemingly routine and customized graphical output. Another attractive feature about the R software is the breadth of user contributed additions which come in the form of 'packages' that help to augment the base plotting systems. Some popular extensions include the ggplot2 and lattice packages, both of which provide high-level yet flexible plotting utilities for visually depicting empirical data. In this workshop, we will explore various tools R has to offer for creating and customizing statistical graphics; namely, through the base and grid graphical frameworks, and high-level packages which have extended these two frameworks. A selection of user contributed packages that have built upon these plotting systems (e.g., vcd, likert, etc.) will be outlined to demonstrate how R's plotting vocabularies have been adopted for specialized graphical purposes.

For all Zurich R Courses participants should bring their own laptops to the course and will be informed by email in advance which packages they need to install.

Dates Monday February 16th 2015
Registration deadline: 02.02.2015