Dozierende Prof. Stephanie A. Kovalchik, PhD, Pardee RAND Graduate School, Los Angeles, USA
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Advanced R users from all professional groups. (For introductory R courses please revisit the course list.)

  • CHF 600.- für Angehörige der UZH/ETH und assoziierter Institute
  • CHF 800.- für Alumni der UZH/ETH, Angehörige anderer Universtitäten, Forschungseinrichtungen und Ämter des Bundes oder der Kantone, non-profit Organisationen
  • CHF 1200.- für Firmen
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Meta-analysis, the ‘analysis of analyses’, is the term used to describe methods for numerically synthesizing multiple sources of scientific evidence about the same hypothesis. As a systematic and quantitative summary of evidence, meta-analysis has the potential to provide a more powerful and comprehensive description of the current state of knowledge in a particular field and, for this reason, has become an increasingly important tool for researchers in the past decade. This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of meta-analysis and provide an in-depth review of tools for conducting meta-analyses in the R language. After completion of this course, users will know when and how to apply standard methods of meta- analysis in R and will also have gained more experience with advanced R programming topics, such as function writing and reproducible reporting.

  • Overview and comparison of R Packages For Meta-Analysis
  • Calculating Effect Sizes
  • Fixed Effects Model
  • Random Effects Model
  • Evaluating Heterogeneity
  • Meta-Regression
  • Assessing Publication Bias
  • Meta-analysis with Markdown
  • Meta-analysis with Big Data
  • Other Advanced Topics

For all Zurich R Courses participants should bring their own laptops to the course and will be informed by email in advance which packages they need to install.

Daten May 26-27, 2016
Anmeldeschluss: 17.05.2016
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