Programming in the tidyverse


Dr. Kirill Müller (+ assistant), cynkra GmbH,

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Target audience

Users from all professional groups who previously followed the two-day course "Data Processing, Visualisation and Reporting with R" or who already have some experience in applying the "tidyverse"-packages in R.

  • CHF 400.- for members of UZH/ETH and associated institutes
  • CHF 600.- for alumni of UZH/ETH, members of other universities, the public sector and non-profit organizations
  • CHF 800.- for companies
Persons without current employment can register for the UZH/ETH fee upon request.
Course language English

The course offers a deeper insight into the tidyverse, a set of modern, coherent tools to solve most day-to-day data processing, visualisation, and reporting tasks in R.

This course extends the Data Processing, Visualisation and Reporting with R course held on November 29-30, 2018 or April 1-2, 2019. Some familiarity with R and the tidyverse is needed to follow the course: participants are encouraged to review chapters 1-13 of "R for data science" by Grolemund and Wickham (

  • Iteration: processing multiple files that contain different parts of the same dataset
  • Non-rectangular data: working with raw data from online services (JSON)
  • Functions: structuring the code to avoid too much copy-pasting
  • Tidy evaluation: writing functions that work with datasets of different shape

The techniques and tools are illustrated and practiced using simplified but realistic examples. After the course, participants will have hands-on experience in applying these tools. All exercises and materials will be available on a website which will remain available for reference after the course.

For all Zurich R Courses, participants should bring their own laptops to the course.


May 10, 2019


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