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Program 2020

Introduction to R

Courses of this category are aimed at R beginners who have basic knowledge in statistics. They provide an introduction to the application of R in an understandable and practically oriented manner.

Introduction to R: February 13-14, June 4-5, September 10-11

Statistical data analysis with R

Courses of this category are aimed at users who have basic knowledge in statistics and have used R before. They cover a general introduction as well as the practical application of particular statistical methods in R.

Dealing With Missing Values in R: February 27-28

Bayesian Analysis using Rstan [canceled]

Anonymization of personal data with applications in R [canceled]

Data Processing, Visualisation and Reporting with R [canceled]

Questionnaires: from Creation to Evaluation [canceled]

Introduction to Deep Learning with Keras for R [canceled]

In-house courses

Many of our courses can also be offered in-house at your location. Moreover, we can help you find lecturers for R courses on other topics.
If you are interested please contact us at:

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