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Zurich R Courses

Data Processing, Visualisation and Reporting with R


Lecturers Dr. Kirill Müller & Mr. Patrick Schratz, cynkra GmbH
Certificate Confirmation of participation
Target audience Users from all professional groups with basic knowledge in data processing (e.g., Excel or databases) or another statistical software package (SAS, Stata, SPSS, ...).
  • CHF 600.- for members of UZH/ETH and associated institutes
  • CHF 800.- for alumni of UZH/ETH, members of other universities, the public sector and non-profit organizations
  • CHF 1200.- for companies
Persons without current employment can register for the UZH/ETH fee upon request.
Course language English
Course description

The course offers an introduction to the tidyverse, a set of modern, coherent tools to solve most day-to-day data processing, visualisation, and reporting tasks in R.

This course is intended for beginners and experienced R users alike. Prior experience with data processing or visualization using R or different software (such as Excel, databases, Tableau, Power BI, SAS, Stata, SPSS) is highly recommended.


  • Introduction to the RStudio IDE
  • Visualization with ggplot2
    • Layers
    • Transformations
    • Facets
  • Data manipulation with dplyr and tidyr
    • Basic operations
    • Processing groups
    • Pivoting and cleaning
    • Joins
  • Reporting and presentations with knitr + rmarkdown
  • Data import and export
  • "Bring your own data": Start using the tools you've learned on your own datasets

For all Zurich R Courses, participants should bring their own laptops to the course.


May 14-15, 2020

  After registering you will receive a short automatic confirmation by email. If you received this email you are successfully and bindingly registered for the course. For administrative reasons the written invoice won't be sent out until about two weeks before the course.